Reasons that Make Mobile Phone Repair Expensive

Samsung galaxy Note 5 screen repair tends to be a little difficult and a little expensive owning to the unavailability of the spare parts easily. Likewise, you might also find Samsung galaxy Note 4 screen repair a troublesome task due to the skilled labour that is required to do the same. Ipad repairs are obviously expensive as there are very few repair centres except the company outlets that have the provision for the same. Here in this article we will highlight the reasons that make mobile phone repair expensive.

Liquid damage caused

Any sort of damage caused to your mobile phone due to the liquid spill results in voiding warranty. There is no specific level of liquid that is said to be dangerous or not so impactful for the device. Once you have spilled the liquid on it, there is no way out and the warranty gets void. Almost all the brands out there label the product to be void of manufacturer’s warranty therefore providing you no relief in terms of money while repairing.

Use of genuine spare parts

The Authorised Service Centres are known to make use of the genuine parts that are in turn made as well as supplied by the brand. This indicates that in comparison to the local repair centres, if you go to the Authorised Service Centre then you are obvious to land up spending comparatively more.

Add on cost of import duty

The cost of the spare parts nowadays seems to be more than the cost of the device itself. One of the reason is that the parts that are imported have to undergo the import duty and the service centres tends to get the same out of us in the form of inflated prices. Therefore, the repair costs us more expense sometimes depending on the spare part.

All in all, these are reasons that make mobile phone repair expensive. Keeping the above points and factors in mind in addition to the brand of which the device is, the repairing process can cost you much or sometimes eve nothing at all.

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