Tips to Take Care of Mobile Screens

Unlike a phone screen, the laptop screen repairs are a hectic task due to the delicacy that is associated with the same. Iphone 6s plus screen repair can easily be got done from the nearby repair centres but not of the laptops. Samsung galaxy Note 5 repair may demand you to keep the phone with the centre unless they get it repaired but this might arouse panic in you. Therefore, it becomes important for you to take extra care of your phone screens so that you do not fall in such situations. Here are the tips to take care of mobile screens.

Avoid nail contact with screen

We are often in a habit of wiping the screen of our phone with our nails. We either ignorantly do it or else scratch the screen to make it get rid of certain thing dust or particle with the help of our nails. Touch screen which is made for fingers is therefore prone to get damaged this way. So, you need to be careful.

Avoid pressurizing with heavy touch

We sometimes tend to press the screen quite heavily with our fingers. The technology of touch screen is very sensitive to our fingers that leave no vent for requiring to press it hard to perform a function. When the presence of the fingers can easily be detected, then the screen is obvious to get damaged due to any sort of heavy pressing.

Avoid direct exposure to sun

You must keep your touch screen phone away from the direct exposure of the sunlight. The prolonged exposure to the same is sure to cause damage to the phone by disturbing and hampering the thin layer of liquid gel that is present in the form of a layer over the phone.

All in all, these are the tips to take care of mobile screens. Be extra careful can save you from falling a trap to such a situation. so be very careful with your device and take as much precautions as you can. After all, prevention is better than cure.

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